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GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS for accommodation services in ‘Willa Marysin’ in Bukowina Tatrzańska provided by B. Szubielski and Partners… hereafter referred to as ‘Proprietor’

I. The Accommodation Agreement:

1. The Accommodation Agreement, hereafter referred to as ‘Agreement’, shall be deemed entered upon in the terms presented below upon reservation and acceptance of the terms unless otherwise specified.

2. It is understood that the person making the reservation, hereafter referred to as ‘Party’, is also acting on behalf of all other persons included in the reservation, and is therefore responsible for making full payments for accommodation services. The Party is responsible for informing the persons included in the reservation of the terms of accommodation services.

II. Payment Schedule , hereafter referred to as ‘Schedule’:

1. On receiving booking confirmation, payment must be made in accordance with the following:

1) in the case of an accommodation reservation for a defined time (e.g. from Saturday to Saturday, especially over Christmas, New Year, and other holidays…) a down payment must be made on the day of entering the Agreement; this applies to a direct agreement with the Proprietor as well as to an indirect agreement through an authorized agent. The down payment shall be equal to the cost of 2 nights in accordance with the price list prevailing on the day of entering the Agreement, and followed by full payment at least 21 days prior to arrival.

2) In other cases (a stay of up to 6 days at any time) a down payment in the amount of 30% must be made on the day of entering the Agreement with the Proprietor directly or through an authorized agent, and followed by full payment at least 21 days prior to arrival.


2. If any outstanding payments have not been received within the time stipulated in the Schedule, the Agreement will cease to be of effect, resulting in the annulment of the reservation; the Proprietor is entitled to collect booking fees.

3. If a reservation is made on the day of arrival, full payment is required on that day for the length of the stay.

III. Cancellations

1. The Party has the right to cancel reserved accommodation services. The cancellation date is the day the Party informs the Proprietor of the cancellation or the day following a missed payment in accordance with the Schedule in item II above.

2. In case of cancellation as in item III.1. above, the Party is obliged to cover the following cancellation charges:

·        up to 21 days prior to arrival – 25% of the total agreed price but not less than an amount equal to 2 nights’ accommodation,

·        up to 14 days prior to arrival – 50% of the total agreed price, but not less than an amount equal to 2 nights’ accommodation,

·        up to 7 days prior to arrival – 75% of the total agreed price, but not less than an amount equal to 2 nights’ accommodation,

·        If the cancellation date is not at least 7 days prior to arrival, 100% of the total agreed price is due.

Time limits for cancellation rights are precluded and cannot be shortened.

IV. The supply of accommodation services

1. The Proprietor shall provide the services to an extent that complies with its standards.

2. If conditions on location do not comply with the description in the offer, the Proprietor should be informed immediately. In such cases the Proprietor has the right and the obligation to take the necessary steps to deal with the irregularities or inconveniences provided it does not entail disproportionate costs or impede the functioning of ‘Willa Marysin’.

3. The Party shall be liable to the Proprietor for any damage caused by themselves or their guests or by their pets during their stay at Willa Marysin.

4. The Party may file a formal complaint in writing during a period of up to 7 days following their departure. For the Proprietor to consider such a complaint, it is necessary that the Party notify on location a member of the staff of ‘Willa Marysin’ of the problem. Complaints which have not been subjected to the above procedure will not be considered. A reply will be sent within 14 days.

5. No refunds, either full or partial, will be made in the case of any services the Party chooses not to use (e.g. not taking breakfast, included in the price).

6. In certain exceptional cases, the Proprietor reserves the right to exchange the particular room or suite of a Party for accommodation of the same standard or higher.

7. The Proprietor is not liable for the behavior of other guests staying at Willa Marysin, for outside noise connected with the building’s location, for weather conditions or for other possible inconveniences over which the Proprietor has no influence.

8. As controller of personal data, the Proprietor declares that the information contained in the Agreements is collected for purposes of marketing, statistics, archives, dispatching of information and promotion materials. If you do not wish your personal data to be processed, you have the right to refuse consent.

V. Conclusion:

1. Matters not regulated in the General Terms and Conditions are subject to the Civil Code.

2. All contention connected with the agreement will be dealt with amicably, and if this fails, by the appropriate court.


I consent / do not consent* to the processing of my personal data in accordance with section IV.8.

I accept the terms formulated in GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS for services at ‘Willa Marysin’.

Attention! Smoking is allowed neither inside the building nor on the balconies

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